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25 tonne Panel Maintenance Kits - Details and Specifications


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FH200 Series

  25  tonne Panel Maintenance Kits - Specifications
Part number Description FH2000 FH2000-FH8
FH7 2-speed 1.5 litre 690 Bar pump  
FH8 Optional 10 Tonne 690 Bar air hydraulic pump  
FHT25-6 150mm Stroke Cylinder
FH28-2 1.8m Hose
FH32 Coupler - Quick Connect
TD-1 Head - Steel Serrated
TD-2 Head - V
TD3 Head - Wedge
TD4 Extension Pipe 76mm (3") Screw-on
TD-5 Extension Pipe 127mm (5") Screw-on
TD6 Extension Pipe 250mm (10") Screw-on
TD-7 Extension Pipe 505mm (20") Screw-on
TD-8 Connector - Extension Tube X 2
TD-9 Plunger base
TD-10 Toe-lift
FH43 Metal Tool Box

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