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4 tonne Collision Repair Kit - Details and Specifications


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4 tonne
Collision Repair Kit

  4 tonne Collision Repair Kit - Specifications
Part number Description
FH32-4 690 BAR heavy duty hand pump
FH28-6 1.8 metre hose
FH5-4 4 tonne hydraulic ram
FHW-2 0.5 tonne hydraulic spreader
FH525 Extension tube 100 mm
FH525 Extension tube 200 mm
FH524 Extension tube 300 mm
FH523 Extension tube 406 mm
FH467 Male connector
FH180 Flat base
FH181 90 degree V base
FH182 Wedge head
FH183 Plunger toe
FH184 Cylinder toe
FH40 Rubber head
FH179 Serrated head
FH84-4 Metal case
Gross weight 20



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